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Soup + I

So apprently Portland, ME is a very VGFriendly place. I had the pleasure of visiting Maine for a week this summer with three of my favorite people in the world and I quickly discovered that although the state is known for it’s seafood, there are abundant options for gluten-free vegans. From a shop-off at Trader Joe’s (oh Trader Joe’s!) to a repeat trip to Silly’s, a quirky diner that highlights vegan and gluten free options on its extensive menu, I found myself eating around the clock.

One of our more hilarious dining experiences occurred when we stopped by a spot called Kama Souptra at the Public Market in downtown Portland. This little soup shop has an array of vegan options, kindly marked on their menu, and a really cool program for regulars: you can buy your own bowl! For $30 you get your own beautiful hand-made bowl and $1 off every bowl of soup you order for the next year. Considering how good their soup was, this seems like quite a good deal. I went with the Bouktouf, a chilled zucchini soup, with a side of gluten free bread which I was assured was also vegan. As I sat with my friends devouring the soup, we all remarked that this was the most fluffy, crusty gluten-free bread imaginable…or was it?! Ten minutes later the cashier from Kama Souptra came over to our table. “You wanted gluten-free bread, didn’t you?” he asked. When I confirmed his suspicion he apologized profusely for giving us glutinous bread. Greatly relieved to hear that I am not serious allergic to gluten, he gave us a free gluten free roll and said that if I came back on another day and said I was “Miss New Orleans” I could get a free bowl of soup!

I was stoked! That’s when my friends informed me that Mr. Souptra had clearly been hitting on me. I guess my straight-dar is a little out of order. I was promptly re-named Miss New Orleans as we headed out into the rainy August afternoon with full bellies and a few belly laughs.

For a simple Bouktouf recipe visit The Splendid Table. I pretty much followed this recipe except I left out the cilantro and used tomato sauce in a jar instead of tomato paste because I am avoiding cans. Unfortunately I realized too late that Whole Foods store brand tomato sauce has Parmesan in it, so by all means use a different kind of tomato sauce!


Born this Way (with Cupcakes)

So Lady Gaga’s new single is kind of like these cupcakes: they seem fabulous and everyone raves about them, but on second thought they’re actually pretty bland and derivative. In the case of the cupcakes, I say they’re still worth a try. The nice thing about cupcakes is that you can remake them and tweak the recipe, which I highly suggest if you try this one at home. In the case of pop music, once it’s released it’s pretty much set in stone. Which is rather unfortunate given some of the awkward, racialized language that Gaga uses in Born this Way (“No matter black, white or beige / Chola or orient made”). Inspired by a great response over at feministing, I’ve tried to make a little bit more of a statement with this vlogisode. Let me know what you think!

Spring Rolls

Ingredients: rice paper wrappers, vermicelli noodles, firm tofu, salt, vegetable oil, red pepper, purple cabbage, cucumber, fresh mint

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