Monthly Archives: February 2011

Born this Way (with Cupcakes)

So Lady Gaga’s new single is kind of like these cupcakes: they seem fabulous and everyone raves about them, but on second thought they’re actually pretty bland and derivative. In the case of the cupcakes, I say they’re still worth a try. The nice thing about cupcakes is that you can remake them and tweak the recipe, which I highly suggest if you try this one at home. In the case of pop music, once it’s released it’s pretty much set in stone. Which is rather unfortunate given some of the awkward, racialized language that Gaga uses in Born this Way (“No matter black, white or beige / Chola or orient made”). Inspired by a great response over at feministing, I’ve tried to make a little bit more of a statement with this vlogisode. Let me know what you think!


New Vegan Gluten-Free Site!

I’m suuuuuuper excited about this new web community for folks who are vegan and gluten free. Those of you who follow this vlog because you are actually interested in vegan and/or gluten-free cooking and not just because you like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber should totally check it out here!